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Bike pictures

I have added this album for those of you guests who are a 400/440 owner, and would like to present your bike for other 400/440 owners, and other guests on this site.

You can e-mail a picture to me, and I will do the necessary resizing and converting, before I put it in the album. It would be nice if you present yourself with your name and tell where you live. That information will be added to the picture.

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Hear the sound of a running Twin.

Riding a KZ400 video.

Odd Ivar


Bike Of The Month archive

First appearance November 2005


1979 KZ400 B2. This bike had 1800 orginal miles on the odo meter when it was put up for sale in July 2005. More details here.

These pictures are used by the courtesy of John Sherman.


1978 KZ400C1 from New Zealand

This bike is up for sale on New Zealand. Owner is Shaul Suhr, he wants this bike to go to a collector or Kwaka fan, and if anyone are interested, you can contact him here.


1975 KZ400S - 1976 KZ400D3 with 3900 miles on the clock. Sold in December 2004.

1975 KZ400D

This bike was sold on EBay a while back.


1977 KZ400 A1. Owner Steve Smith, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. USA. Steve recently sold this bikefor $2800.


1981 Z400H3 LTD. Arnau Costa from Andorra.


1981 KZ400/4 LTD II John Henrik Morstad, Cebu, Philippines. John Henrik is a Norwegian friend who lives on the Philippines. He has restored this bike, and many of the parts had to be made locally. The engine is bored out to 500ccm.


1975 KZ400 D. Vince Edwards from Shippenville, Pennsylvania, USA. The bike is painted the same way as Evel Knievels 1967 Triumph Bonneville T-120 that he used to jump the fountains at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.



1981 Z440 LTD and Z750 B. Ian Powell, England


1976 KZ400 S2. Lars Sandberg, Minnesota USA




1975 KZ400 D Vidar Eivindson,Porsgrunn, Norway

1975 KZ400D and 77 Z400 D4 Owner is Thomas Rodtnes, Denmark

1980 KZ 400 Flat tracker This bike was built by Robert Watson, Lyons NY, USA. The picture is provided by Sean O.


1975 KZ400 D Anthony Bailey Marble Hill, Missouri USA


1975 KZ 400 Chopper Dan Tilton


1982 KZ440 LTD Belt drive. Owner is Kathryn Somnitz from Rootstown, Ohio, USA. She has had this bike since she bought it new back in 1982.


1979 KZ400 B2. The owner is John Bayer, who lives in Kenosha,Wisconsin, USA.

1976 KZ 400 D3. This bike was found in USA in February 2004. It is brand new and has never been used.It has got 1, 4 miles on the odometer. This bike was sold on EBay for $3800. The picture is used by the courtesy of Rick Brett.


1979 KZ400 B2 James H. Collins


1979 KZ400 with a 440 engine and a lowered rigide rear end. Owner is Dean Cooper, New Foundland, Canada.


1980 Z400 G1 Custom. Owned by Ian Tomkins from Gloucester England


1982 KZ440 LTD Owner: Bob Evinger Marshall, Illinois, USA

These two bikes are owned by Mathias Miguel, Belgium.

1977 KZ400 D4

1976 Z400 Café Racer.

This is a picture of Miguel and his Z400 café racer taken in " raidillon" on Spa-
Francorchamps speed track, 1st of July 2006. The event was BIKERS-CLASSICS with
600 bikes (classics and old racers) and also Giacomo Agostini.

1977 KZ400 D4 Owner is Loic le Formal, Paris, France

And this is Loics bike after it has been repainted and restored.


1976 KZ400D3, Owner is Florencio Novoa Lopez from Spain

1976 KZ400D3, Owner is Fransisco who lives in Spain

1975 Z400D, Owner Oliver is Oliver Rüssmann from Bonn, Germany

Oliver bought this bike recently. The previous owner had covered the bike with oil when he put it away, and that has preserved the bike so it still looks pristine. And it is in orginal condition.

1975 KZ400D, Owner is Rachel Hill who lives in Michigan, USA

Rachel sendt me these pictures of here lovely looking 400. That is one of the nicests paint jobs I have ever seen. You have got all reasons to be proud of your bike Rachel!

1979 KZ400H LTD, Owner is Matt Joiner, who lives in Williamsport, PA USA.

1978 KZ400B1, Owner Rick Fish who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. USA. He bought this bike in the spring of 2005 and it has only 6200 miles on the odometer.

1979 KZ400B2, owner is Greg Stangler, Omaha, Nebraska, USA. He bought this bike a short while back, and the bike had 7500 miles on the odometer. And Greg also is the owner of a 1978 KZ1000 that he bought new in the spring of 1979.The KZ1000 can be seen in the background on one of the pictures.

1978 Kz400B with Vetter fairing and luggage/crash bars from an earlier kz400 deluxe. Owner of this bike is Ed Hemsley, Balmoral,Manitoba, Canada. He has restored this bike during the winter of 2004/2005.

1978 KZ400 C1. Owner is Kenneth Siegner from USA. And he is drag racing this bike. There is also a picture of him on his bike, standing on the startline, in the Drag Racing section.

1979 Z400 Custom. Owner is Zsolt Horvath from Hungary. He lives in the south of Hungary, near the Jugoslav border.

1976 Z400 D3. Owner is Antonio Pacini from Italy.

1980 KZ440 A1. Owner is Steve who lives in Westhoughton, Bolton, UK.

1981 Z400 H4 (LTD). Owner is Patrice Difolco who lives in in Ordan Larroque a small village near Toulouse, France.

1979 KZ400 H-LTD. Owner is Brian Mullins.

"My name is Brian Mullins and I live in Elsmere Kentucky USA. I am 22 years old. this is my bike, it started off as a 1979 LTD 400. Me and my friend Jordan(picture below) hand built nearly every modification on the bike. Upgrades : Mac 2 into 1 exhaust system, aggressive tires, flowed and tuned carbs off of an 82" LTD 440, milled head, dual front disc brakes off of an sr 650, the fairing was free, moose aluminum quad racer handlebars, Ialso replaced the rear shocks with stiffer ones and added stiffer springs and oil in the front shocks, hand made seat and tail section. The tail started off as a mail box. Imainly ride this bike on backroads, Ilove to pass sport bikes in the twisties. The bike has a top speed of 110 mph. It's a little scary at that speed though. The bike really stands out at bike nights. With no baffle it is also the loudest thing around"



1976 KZ 400 D3. Owner is Jordan Harris who lives in Cincinnati, OH, USA. This bike is a 1976 kz 400. It is all stock except for the paint which he painted and the seat which he reupholstered.

1978 KZ400 B1. Owner is Rick Sizemore, Louisville, KY, USA. This bike has has been garage kept with only 3000 miles on it from new.

1977 KZ400 A1. Owner is Paul S. , Primrose PA, USA. Paul found his bike on a barn, and it had only 6296 miles on the odometer! The pictures shows how it looked when he found it, and the final result. Great work done Paul!

1975 Z400 D . Owner is Harry Söderberg Who lives in Mariehamn on Åland, and island located in the Baltic Sea, between Sweden and Finland.

1981 Z400 G3. Owner is Luca, who lives in the north of Italy, by the lake
of Como. This picture is taken at the Spluga pass, 2113 meters above the sea level.

1976 KZ400D3. Owner is Mark Shneider who lives in Peoria, IL USA.

1979 Z400 and 1981 Z400. Owner is Xavier Mampiey who lives in Paris, France.


The green one is a 1979 model modified to road racing in the cafe racer style.
The frame was modified to be more rigid,it s fitted with KZ 250 wheels (rear disc break) and fork,a light alloy swing arm (originally bilt for XT 500) , 2 in 1 exhaust and modified carbs and
fiber glass saddle and gas tank,rear foot rests and clipp ons to adjust to a racing position.

The black one is a 1981 model modified in the english style to go to work everyday.


1977 KZ 400 Street Trike Custom

This 500 trike are buildt by Tim's Shop. If anyone wants their bikes converted. Please call Tim's shop at 1-815-274-0885 . If you can't get through, just leave your number and say what your interested in, Tim will call you right back. The 400 trike is up for sale on Ebay at the moment.

Tim also made a video of the running KZ400 Trike. It can be downloaded HERE. It requiers Real Player to be able to view it. A non commercial version of Real Player, Real Alternative, can be downloaded HERE.

1975/1976 KZ400. This bike belongs to Jason H. who lives in Seattle, WA, USA

1975 KZ400D2. Owner is Kosti Turkki who lives in Hameenlinna, Finland

1980/1977 Z400 D4. Owner is Attila who lives in Hungary. This is a 1977 Z400D4, but it is registered as a 1980 model.

1976 KZ400D3. Owner is T. J. Cusumano who lives in Royal Oak, Michigan (US).

These are the things he wrote and told me he has done to the bike:

I acquired this 1976 KZ400-D3 (my first bike) from a guy who had it garaged for over 10 years. It had a bad paint job, a frozen starter solenoid, and some gunk in the carbs, but it actually did not need much work to get it running nicely.

I painted it Toyota blue/grey; shined up the crome, re-upholstered the seat, installed new grips, mirrors, lowered cafe bars, painted cafe fairing, and replaced the rotting exhaust (you may also have noticed that I also replaced the 1976 US-spec "KZ400" logos with the older 1975 "OHC 400". I just think their nicer). Basically, I wanted the look of an old British twin cafe racer with the reliability of an old Kaw. A great first bike.

1976 Z400 D3 Modifyed. Owner is Frank who lives in Denmark

The engine is a 440 engine, and Frank has had this bike since 1991. During those years, the engine has been rebuilt once.

1976 Kawasaki KZ400 D3 with sidecar

This bike are up for sale on Ebay, and the seller has kindly given me his permission to use the pictures on this website.

This is the sellers Vehicle Description:

1976 KZ 400 with california sidecar, runs excelent, great for Sunday rides, parades, kids, dogs, very well balanced hack, seatbelt new lexan windsheild, newer tires, battery cables, points/ condenser, carbs clean, chain/sprockets, grips, oil filter changed, front brake fluid changed, valves and timing adjusted, looks very cool, flat army style paint job, reliable and fun, sidecar detaches in 5 minutes (includes stand) reataches in 15 minutes has universal mounts to go on similar style bike, top speed 60 mph w/sidecar, 85 without, not fast but lots of fun engine leaks oil slowly never have to add oil in between changes but engine needs to be cleaned a little more often or just replace gaskets, not worth the effort in my opinion other wise in excellent shape buyer to pay shiping, will deliver free within 50 miles, childs car seat not included.

1976 KZ400D3 w/1977D4 Fuel tank Owner is Pep Perramon who lives in Barcelona, Spain.

1977 Z400D4. Owner is Takashi who lives in Iwaki-shi, Fukushima, Japan. He told me he fell in love with the Z400 when he was 10, now he has realized his dream at the age of 39.

1975 KZ400D. Owner is Chris Bateson, Circle, Montana - USA.

Chris writes:

"It has under 5000 miles and is a real runner. She's a cold weather warrior, lights right up and runs strong at any temperature.
A man by the name of William Moore of Billings, Montana reconditioned the bike. He is a professional auto body man and did a fine job. I love the Kawasaki racing green. I can't say enough good things about this bike. I ride it everyday - everywhere.
The last picture shows the 400 and it's two stroke stable mate - a 1979 KE125. It has less than 2000 miles."

1977 KZ400 A1. Owner is Adam Dugger from Lynchburg, VA, USA.

1983 KZ440 H2. Owner is Jouko Nuutinen who lives in Espoo, Finland.

1978 KZ400 B1 Café Racer. Owner is Lee McElhinney from Canada.

1977 Z400 D4. Owner is Steven Gallyot, from Victoria, Australia.

Steve writes:

" I have recently aquired a 1976 Z400 from the origional owner as a restoration project. I have only cleaned the unit and this is the result. Still need to spray the tank and recover the seat but with only 18,000klm on the clock she runs like new."

1977 KZ400D4 "Green BayPacker". This bike belongs to Harold from USA.

1977 KZ400D4 Café Racer. Owner is Brad Pfeifer, from Bismarck, ND, USA.

Brad writes:

"It is a 1977 D4 with just over 4000 miles on it. The cafe conversion on
it began around 15 years ago, and it passed through a few different
hands, each guy doing just a little work with it,before abandoning the
poor thing and giving it to someone else, until it was given to me by my
friend in June of this year. When it came into my possession, the Raask
rearsets were already on the bike, as were the lower handlebars, the
aluminum side plates and two into one exhaust. I found a fantastic cafe
tail piece that worked very well, and made the rear tail light/ license
plate bracket from bent aluminum plate to tuck the tail light just below
the fender. New tires, tail light, chain, bar-end mirrors, grips and
body and paint work, plus a whole lot of cleaning, polishing and a bit
of rust removal here and there, brought it to a fairly nice looking
conclusion. The paint is 3 coats dupont hot hues "Blue Mood" urethane
base coat with 5 coats of urethane clear. I sprayed this with a simple
Preval sprayer, which is very cheap."


1977 Z400 D4. Owner is Maarten Witteveen from Doetinchem, The Netherlands (Holland).

He bought this bike last November.

1978 KZ400B1. Owner is Pablo Sebastián Sánchez, Monte Hermoso, Prov. de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1977 Z400D4. Owner is Kim Rasmussen who lives in Denmark. The 2-1 exhaust system on Kims bike is a Motad system. Kim has also owned a couple of Z400's before this one, that he swopped with a Suzuki inline four.

1980 Z400. Owner is Glen Whincop who lives in Leicester, England.

Glen wrote:

" Here is a picture of my Z400B1 after I had totally stripped and rebuilt her. She is a 1980 model."

1976 KZ400D3. Owner is Sean McQuat , Nova Scotia, Canada. He bought this bike in the fall 2006.

1976 KZ400D4. Owner is Steven Gallyot from Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia.

Steve wrote:

" I have done the seat and a full respray and polish, replaced fork seals and a few perished rubber compoments so far. Still more work to do but she is looking quite ok at the moment. Note the Army surplus shoulder bags i have used for pannier bags, I think these ad a toutch of the era! (they are quite inexpensive too and handy for carrying camera gear! The only thing I havnt been able to do is replicate the grip pattern on the seat but I have stenciled the Kawasaki Emblem on the back."

1982 Z440 A3. Owner is Marcin Gryska from Legionowo which is placed very close to Warsaw, Poland.

Marcin Wrote:

"I'm a student of Warsaw Univercity Of Technology and I'm studing Electrical Engineering on Electrical Faculty. And I'm a computer programer - specialist of data bases.In my garage I have few motobikes (actually I'm 22 years old, but I'm driving motobikes since 10 years) :
- Kawasaki KZ 440 LTD from year 1982,
- CZ 175 sport from year 1974,
- WFM 125 M06 from year 1959 - this one is in IDEAL status and it's beautiful
- moped ROMET Chart 210 from 1990
- Ardie 500 TM (Turenmodel)from year 1928 (with JAP engine) - unfortunetly this bike is in parts and I don't have few parts for this model, but I'm going to complet all parts and rebuild this bike. "

And here is a video of Marcin riding his 440: Z440 Video


1978 KZ400 SR. Owner and builder of the bike Is Michael Padilla from Orange County, California, USA.

And you can see more pictures and reead about his project here:


1983 Z400 R2. Owner is Hans Johansson who lives in Karlskoga, Sweden.

You can view a larger image of the bike here.


1975 Z400D. Owner is Teddy Falcom, who lives in Leuze-en-Ht, Belgium, Europe. This excellent resoration has been carried out buy his father.

1976 Z400D3. Owner is Kristian Birkoe from Aalborg, Denmark.

1977 Z400350-i. Owner is Andreas Birkoe from Alborg, Denmark.

This bike is an Italian 350ccm version of the Z400, and it was imported from Italy to Denmark sometimes in 1996 or 1997.

1977 Z400D4. Owner is Cristiano who lives in Sestri Levante (Genova) near Portofino, Italy.

1977 KZ400 Chopper. Owner is Georg Mautner from Vienna, Austria.

Georg writes:

"Two months ago I had the great luck to find a KZ400 somewhere in the country, in a garden, and the former owner was no longer interessted in the motorbike. After a few restauration things - cause the electronics did not work and the whole engine had to be cleaned - it is ready to run/rock."

1981 KZ440 A2. Owner is Balsey Dean De Witt jr. from Deckerton New York, USA.

1975 KZ400. Owner is Jonathan C. Burns from South Dakota, USA.

1980 Z350i. Owner is Mauro Rosetta from Varese in Lombardia, Italy.

Mauro restored this bike during the spring 2007.

KZ400 Chopper. Owner is Brandon Milliard from Missoula Montana, USA.

1975 Z400 Café Racer. Owner is Glen Belcher from Leicester. England. Glen built this bike during the winter and spring of 2007.

1979 KZ400. Owner is David Walla from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

David writes:

This is my first mechanical undertaking ever, and I'd like to share it with the kz400 community.
It started as a 1979 kz400, the frame was chopped, a metal, then wood, then fiberglass tailpiece was made, the airbox was dropped for pods, the carbs are from a 440 (with rubber diaphrams), the wheels are drom a suzuki gs with dual front disc. The front fender is from a Harley. The bars are from an atv and flipped upside down, the electric starter was dumped, new 2-1 exhaust was installed,clutch cable was changed and adjusted, a seat was fabricated, the kicker was rebuilt, the gaskets were replaced, new shocks, new chain and sprockets, the points and condenser were replaced and adjusted, the ignition coil was replaced, the spark plugs and oil filter were replaced.

1975 KZ400S. Owner is Phillip Klein from Hugo, Minnesota, USA.

1981 KZ440 A2. Owner is William Rima from USA.

William writes:

This bike has 1500 miles on it when I purchased it. I performed all the major servicing and tune up, and the bike runs great.

1980 KZ440 Springer. Owner and builder of this outstanding built chopper is Dave Lafromboise from Canton, Ohio, USA.

This bike is up for sale. Everything is custom built on this bike, tank and fenders made from flat ak steel, custom made springer from down tube and so forth.

1975 Z400D. Owner is Nicola from Venice, Italy.


1977 KZ400 D4. Owner is John Smith from USA. John is only 16 years old.

1981 KZ440B2. Owner is Fabio Kaliman from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This bike has got 40 000 miles on the odometer. Fabio bought this bike in 1990, and it had 4000 miles on the odo when he bought it.

More KZ400/440 pictures at: