Model history



This is how the bikes arrived at the dealers


Assembly and preparation manuals

These manuals were made by Kawasaki for the dealers to use when they assembled the bikes when they recieved the crates from the factory.

This is the complete assembly and prearaton manual for the 1977 KZ400D4.


1977 Z400 Police bike from Mako, Hungary


Model history pictures

1974 KZ400

1975 KZ400 D, S

1976 KZ400 D3, S2, Z350 D3 Italy

1977 KZ400 D4, S3, A1 DeLuxe, D4

1978 KZ400 B1, C1

1979 KZ400 B2, LTD

1980 KZ400 C, G, KZ440 B, C

1981 KZ400 C, KZ400/4 LTD, KZ440 B2, KZ440 LTD, Z400LTD

1982 KZ400 Custom, KZ440 Custom- G, LTD, H1, Z400 R

1983 KZ440 LTD, Z400R2, Z400 LTD

1984 KZ440 LTD


Model changes

The KZ400 went through several model changes over the years. From 1974 to 1977 the changes was mostly in the colour scheme. But the side covers was redesigned for the 1976 model, and the D3 got a new air filter box. In 1977 the D4 came with new 32mm CV carbs with diaphragms, and the D3 air filter box. And there came a factory customized US touring model with the early model carbs in 1977, the A1, and it was followed by the A2 with diaphragm CV carbs in 1978.
The biggest model change came in 1978 with the B model. It had a new cylinder and cylinder head design, where the oil feed to the cylinder head was moved from the internal oil channels trough the cylinder and to the cylinder head, to an external oil pipe from the oil pump to the cylinder head. This improved the oil feed to the camshafts and the rockers, and solved the problem with the oil leaks from the cylinder head that had been a problem on the earlier models. And the crankshaft bearings were replaced with a stronger type. Also the internal balance chamber for the exhaust located in the top end on the 1974 to 1977 models was removed, and was replaced with a balancer pipe between the exhaust pipes, routed under the rear of the engine. And with the 1978 models the 6 speed gearbox were introduced. The B2 also got a new 2 phase generator and a combined voltage regulator/rectifier. And it got a ducktail, new side covers, a new seat, a new restyled exhaust system, and a restyled fuel tank and new mudguards.
In 1979 there came a custom styled LTD model with cast alloy wheels, the 400H. The 400G, called the Custom was a mostly a B model with lower handlebars and cast alloy wheels.
Next model change was in 1980 when the engine capacity was increased from 400ccm to 440 ccm. The 440 had the style of the 400B, but had cast alloy wheels. The engine was the same but it was bored out to 440ccm. It had different carbs from the 400 models though. The next big change came with the 440C. It got a new style with a new alloy swing arm and a new designed fuel tank and seat. The duck tail was gone, and it had cast alloy wheels. The 440 also came as LTD and custom models.
From 1981 all the 400/440 models got a transistorized ignition system.


Model history

1974 KZ400

1975 KZ400 D

KZ400 S Drum front brake, lacked electric starter.

1976 KZ400 D3 New colour design. Redesigned side covers. New air filter box.

Kz400 S2 Like the S1 but equivipped with a 2 to 1exhaust and lacked the tachometer.

1977 KZ400 D4 New carbs. New colour design.

KZ400 S3 Like S2, with D4 engine and carburetors.

1977 - 1978 KZ400 A Same engine and carbs as the 1974 - 1976 KZ and D/D3, 1978 models had the 1977 D4 carbs.

Equipped with a factory mounted fairing and panniers with integrated rear blinkers, and engine protection bars. Also named the DeLuxe.

1978 - 1981 KZ400 B B1 and B2 . New style gas tank, duck tail. 6 speed gearbox. New cylinder head design. New exhaust. New seat and sidecovers. New carbs. New mudguards.

1978 KZ400 C1 Special, same style as the B1 but with drum front brake and 2-1 exhaust. No tachometer.

1979 - 1981 KZ400 H Ltd

1979 KZ400 C1 Special, same as the 1978 C1.

1980 - 1981 KZ400 G Custom model

1980 - 1983 KZ400 A KZ400 D

1980 KZ440 A1, B1,C1 and D1

1981 KZ440 A2, B2,C2,D2,D3 and C

1982 - 1983 KZ440 A3,D4,G1,H1

1984 KZ400 LTD



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