1977/1984 Kawasaki (K)Z400 and (K)Z440 Twin                           
Model History                                
(K)Z400 The new (K) Z400 Engine models where introduced in 1978 and replaced the (K) Z400D range of Machines that started life in 1974.          
There where 15 Models of the new Z400 Engine Design that had the Same Bore and Stroke as the early Z400s produced  between 1978 and 1984  Some of these Models where     
Custom Models and Others Ltd's                              
The (K)Z400 Models had the Designated No's                           
B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2 , G1 Custom, G2 Custom, G3 Custom, H1 Ltd, H3 Ltd , H4 Ltd , R1 , R2 and the T1 Ltd.              
The H1, H3,H4 and T1 Being Ltd's and the Custom Models G1 , G2 , G3 ,                      
(K)Z400 Years of Manufacture History                                  
B1 , C1 ,                                   
B2 , C2 , G1 Custom                                
 B3 , H1 Ltd , G2 Custom                              
B4 , G3 Custom, H3 Ltd.                              
H4 Ltd., R1, R2                                
T1 Ltd.                                  
Kawasaki also Introduced the Larger Capacity (K) Z440s In 1980 these had Transistorized Ignition and a bigger Bore Motor 67.6 x 62 Giving a capacity of 443cc       
and an out-put of 40/41 bhp @ 8500 rpm against the Z400s 64 X 62 398cc and 34.5/36 bhp @ 8500 rpm.                
The other Major change made where the Camshaft was driven by a Hyvo Chain and this means you cannot use a (K) Z400 Crank with a (K) Z440        
 Cam and visa-versa but you can fit (K) Z440 Barrels and Pistons to a (K) Z400 and (K) Z400 Barrels and Pistons to a (K) Z440.You can also swap Cranks        
 and Cams e.g. fit (K) Z400 Crank along with (K) Z400 Cam.                               
The (K) Z400 had a Kick-Start up until 1980 this was dropped in 1981.                      
There where 17 Models of the (k)Z440 that had the same Stroke but bigger Bore than the Z400s and they where produced between 1980 and 1984  and as the 400s  Some of these Models where 
Custom Models and Others Ltd's                              
The Z440 was produced by Kawasaki up-until 1984 and these where as listed.                    
(K)Z440 Years of Manufacture History                                  
A1 Chain Drive Ltd , B1,C1,D1 Ltd                              
A2 Chain Drive Ltd,B2,C2,D2 Ltd Belt Drive,D3 Ltd Belt Drive                        
A3 Chain Drive Ltd,D4 Ltd Belt Drive, G1, H1                          
A4 Chain Drive Ltd,D5 Ltd Belt Drive,H2                            
D6 Ltd Belt Drive                                
Kawasaki also produced a 305cc Twin called the (K)Z305-D1 LTD in 1982 this model is quite rare.                  
(K)Z440 Model Spec.                              
The Z440s had a 6 speed Gearbox Transistorized Ignition and the LTD’s. had Self-Canceling Indicators and the D prefix Models had a Belt final Drive Fitted.      
Most Parts from the Standard (K)Z400s/(K)Z440s will cross over except the LTD’s These had a Slightly Different Frame so the Seat and Tank          
 are Slightly Different and the LTD’s forks are longer.                          
Most other Parts are universal or can be made to fit.